Mies Construction was founded on April 1, 1988 by Earl and Kathy Mies. The company began with Earl installing utility services for residential homes with just a truck, a trailer, and a trencher. Kathy took all of the phone calls and handled the necessary paperwork. For the first three years Mies Construction was based out of Earl and Kathy’s home. Once the home was full of kids Earl and Kathy purchased an old rail car and made it work until the business eventually grew enough to justify building an office.

In the 1990’s Mies Construction was one of the fastest growing, privately owned business in the Wichita Metro area. The company grew to install water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer mains. With the fast pace growth came office and yard expansion, and the building of an in-house heavy diesel mechanic shop. In 2005, Mies Construction expanded again to include a dirt division that specializes in mass grading, excavation, and site preparations. Today Mies Construction has over 100 employees and is one of the most well respected contractors in the Wichita area. With an endless potential of growth, Mies is always looking for new opportunities to expand.